White Feather Prescribes Health and Wellness for Rawlins, WY

A visit to our practice is just what the doctor ordered

Maybe you’re battling an awful cold. Or maybe your little ones have come down with a terrible virus. White Feather Surgical & Aesthetics Medical Spa can help. Charles Young, M.D. runs a family-friendly general practice. Dr. Young has compassionately served Rawlins, Wyoming for 23 years, but he has over 32 years of medical experience. Trust a knowledgeable, caring professional with your family’s welfare.

To make an appointment, simply call 307-324-6711. We promise to have you back on your feet in no time.

3 reasons to choose our Rawlins medical facility

If you’ve lived in Wyoming for any length of time, you know that rural areas don’t have an abundance of medical specialists.

Consider the following reasons to choose White Feather:

We offer non-invasive hemorrhoid removal and prolotherapy – we perform procedures and surgeries here in our local office. Prolotherapy is known for relieving arthritic pain and minimizing joint damage.

We accept major insurance companies and credit cards – everyone should have access to health care. If you have questions about your medical coverage, feel free to call us.

We can handle emergencies – Dr. Young has worked in emergency rooms throughout Wyoming and New Mexico. He’s dealt with serious trauma, and he’s always ready to respond to the rural community’s medical needs.

Contact White Feather today to schedule your appointment. Be sure to ask about our medical spa services, too.